Unto All Good Gentles Attending This Lillie’s War To Participate In Cut & Thrust Classes, Tournaments, Melee Experiments, Or Any Of The Other Fun Activities We Have Planned This Year!

As This Year’s Marshal in Charge for C&T, I have made a conscious effort to encourage and facilitate providing the best opportunity for each and every one of you to enjoy “Your Vision” of “The Dream”!

With the able assistance of my Deputy, Baroness Ayisha bint Assad we have hopefully succeeded!

My most humble thanks and appreciation to all the Marshals within the Calontir Stile community for stepping forward to help make this happen!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or requests for future classes, tournaments, or activities please feel free to share these with myself, my deputy, or any of the other Marshals of the Day. These will be recorded and passed on to next years MIC.

Please be safe and courteous, and find all the enjoyment you possibly can!


In Service to the Crown and Populous of Calontir!

Laird Brian Robert MacDougall
Lilies War Cut & Thrust Marshal-in-Charge


No events available!
No events available!