As usual, we have planned many missile weapons activities for Lilies War XXXI. Many new fun shoots are scheduled to supplement some of the yearly staples such as the Ladies of the Rose Tournament and Master Leif’s Period Equipment shoot. It is the 22nd year for the 100 Arrow Shoot.  Shoot your 100 arrows during the week and try to make it into the finals, which are on Friday morning this year.
If you want to help support the Fyrdraca and the Lilies Archery Fund, consider the Fyrdraca shoot on Sunday afternoon. Twenty dollars affords you the chance to row the Fyrdraca and shoot at targets on land.
Of course, we will have children’s archery and thrown weapons during the week.  On Wednesday morning, test your skill and endurance at archery and thrown weapons to honor the Queen of Calontir! For Her honor, you must show your skills with the longbow (at 20 and 30 yards), axe, knife, and spear. Those showing prowess with these weapons and honor on the field will be recognized by Her Royal Majesty as one of her Yeoman.
We also have classes scheduled on most days.  So, come join us throughout the week as we shoot and hurl projectiles!

Class Schedule

No events available!
No events available!